What exactly are you giving up

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 16, 2018

When I quit smoking I was concerned my biggest fear was getting cancer and missing the social aspect of smoking. Now when I look back I see how stupid that was. A social aspect. Really?


When we would go out wth friends I had to slip away before-during-after meals or at functions to 'go -smoke'. Sure I had a few other friends who we slipped away together...but I really wanted the freedom the others who didn't smoke had. I was chained to these cigarettes. I had no control over them.


I also used them as a stress blanket. I felt I could not be comforted without them. They were always there for me. I even had to have a cigarette to make decisions. Yet I yearned to be free of them at the same time. They were a companion to me in many ways. They were also my worst enemy.


This site taught me what non smokers already know. That ALL of these things are achievable without smoking....after all they do it everyday. Now I do too. I'm a sensitive kind of gal, it's just who I am. I make no excuses and don't care to change that about me. God made me that way. I DID want to quit smoking and I did. I was scared and worried I would never be able to handle anything without them. Yet here I am, by the Grace of God and this site and all of you.


I'm still a sensitive kind of girl but I manage just fine without the smokes...a bit over 3 years now.


Nicotine addiction does not care about our background. Our status, educational level, emotional staus, color of skin, your condition, friends, family. Period. It only helps all the tobacco companies get wealthy at our expense.


Ask yourself , what exactly are YOU giving up and maybe you will see the deception on your back. People in Alcoholics Anonymous have a saying...they say Alcohol is cunning, powerful and baffling....I think Nicotine is right there with that. 

Nicotine is cunning powerful and baffling. What are you giving up? Really?