Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 11, 2018

Last one today, I promise. I'm on a roll I guess. Going to bed now... Just wrote this and decided share Goodnight, sweet dreams my beloved friends at EX AND, FYI...I did not lose my quit. Just relating memories from failed PAST quits.

Where did it go
I lost it yesterday
it was right here next to me
Yet i let to slip away


i was not paying attention
I forgot that it was here
How could I lose something so precious
Something so very dear


i lost it yesterday
i thought that you should know
How horrible it felt
When i let MY quit go


i don’t want you to experience
The pain I just went through
So be forever warned
what it will do to you


You will feel a sadness
An unexplainable realm of fear
You question yourself, if your able
As to HOW YOU got to here


The wisdom that used to get you
Just this far
Will feel just as far away
As every other star,


However it leaves you
This you must know…
Falling stars have landings
That lead you where to go

Falls happen for a reason,
A lesson, you may need
Hurting just little
As they plant a brand new seed

So your starting over
Theres no shame in that
However many times it takes
For the wisdom to stay intact

We have all walked before you
We understand where you come from
Let us help you with the burdens,
Together, we have won