PAIN is a sign of New Birth

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 11, 2018

Pain comes to us in different forms. Actual Physical Pain, Mental Pain, Emotional Pain....we have all experienced them on some level and most likely we will again.


I want you to look at it in a different light today as it reflects the discomfort you are having quitting smoking/tobacco.


Pain is part of the process ( looking at it a bit differently )...but the end product should you decide to work through this pain will bring about a New Birth, so to speak.


Look at a Baby in the Mothers womb. He/she feels so protected there. All their needs are being taken care of. Then comes the discomfort...the 'push' or 'Crave' if you comes and it goes. Sometimes along time, sometimes a short time. Followed by the birth. 


And its a beautiful thing. So will be your quit...if you PUSH through the pain.



Quitting Lasts forever considering YOU continue to PUSH as needed. Thats PRN ( As necessary ) for anyone who has a medical background.

You can do. PUSH!