When you feel unworthy

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 8, 2018

You could smoke over it. I used to.



When I felt unappreciated. When you work so hard to say the right things, take time to listen, take extra time to volunteer  to help a good cause. person can make you feel it was all for nothing. Never noticed...or perhaps did but left you to feel unworthy. Especially if this person runs the show, so to speak.


I could leave. Thats always an option. I could stay and stick it out because I know my value is more than apparently what this person thinks of me. 



I'm not here for that person. I am here first for me then for all the people who have successful quits and for those who are trying to maintain their quit and for those who are treading the waters to quit. I remain here for them...and myself.


For now...


It was tempting though.... I came close to leaving over one persons view of me, or rather APPARENT view. I admit to reading between the lines, but I can read.


I have had an extremely full plate recently. So I am sorry if I just don't measure up here right now. I'm doing the best I can and somedays hanging on by a thread


BUT~I'm not smoking over it. I continue to be helpful here when I can.


Note: Since writing this, I have worked it out and am fine. Was partially a 'misunderstanding'. My apologies for my 'over-reaction'. I am over-extended and plum worn out. I am not leaving Ex. Hey, we all have our days and this was mine. I reacted out of plan old,need some sleep' which I intend to do now. Thanks EX Family for the love. YOU all are important to me. Thank you.


I also closed the comments. New Day...I'm over my silly self now. Have a great DAY and N.O.P.E.