Hitting a Wall

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 27, 2018

We have all had it happen. You have a good momentum going then you are slammed with ~

Fear- Insecurity Panic- Anxiousness- Grief- Worry- Pain




For some people early in their quit it can be enough to push you over the edge and run out to buy cigarettes to sooth your uncomfortable situation. It was a way of self medicating for me. Smoking. 


Hitting the wall is normal. It could be that it is your body telling you to slow down. Our perhaps to just be still. Listen. Pray ( if your a praying person) or meditate on things that are positive. This a list and prayer time for me, when I hit a wall. I love to write so~ I write out my thoughts. It does help me to see through what all is going on. I sometimes have written a letter to myself...advising  as though it were someone else...what wouldI tell them?


Smoking is not an option. It won't change anything other than giving me another Day 1. Have no desire to relive that again.


Sometimes we just have to 'go through'. Its okay to feel sad, bad, mad.....

Peace and Joy. This are the 2 things I try to obtain daily. Life happens and things can throw us into a wall. My peace and joy get stuck on the other side.

And yet , here is that saying again......

The walls sometimes draw me close to God. Sometimes I feel HE uses those walls to do just see if I wall be patient enough to lean on HIM and go on through the wall. Pushing with all my might sometimes.


One day at a time, One hour at a time or one second at a time.

However you do it

Remember whats on the other side

Remove those brinks one at a time.

Your answers~

 Peace and Joy

Await you

 just on the other side.