Throat cancer scare...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 6, 2018

As a former smoker of over 30 plus years , you can imagine when I had a recent scare at the DDS that the raised lumps on the back of my throat looked suspicious and needed checked by a ENT. I also have a history of GERD, very common with smokers.


So my throat was to inflamed to pass a endoscope down and I go back June 1st for that...but He did do a  nasal scope and it burned like mad!!! BUT, no cancer was seen. Just a very red sore throat caused by GERD. 

I also have on and off swallowing trouble and ear pain that comes and goes. The ENT I saw was one the the best at Ohio State Wexner Center at the James. He does suspect I may be dealing with Barrets esophagus and therefore the endoscopy in June while my irritation calms down. Barretts can lead to cancer.


I am thankful to be ok and thankful this is all being caught early iF in fact it is even Barrets, which we will know in June.


Meanwhile thanks to all for your kind messages and words. I am blessed beyond measure with all of you wonderful people and your support.


I need a couple days to unwind and rest and will  be back annoying you all and running the train Monday , hahahahaha.


Smokers run a higher risk for Acid reflux, GERD,  Barrets esophagus and Throat Cancer. As I sat in the waiting room scared outta my wits  there were 2 patients waiting to go in. One had his entire tongue had the recognizable incision that goes from ear to ear with a trac tube and NG tube and chest tube. That could have been me. I wanted to vomit. 

We are all at risk.

Stop smoking now...before it puts you at a higher risk...and it  happens to you!

God Bless, see you all Monday!