Velscope...get it done!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 28, 2018

Okay, I have battled if I should or should not share this but I think its worth it.


2 days ago I went to our new dentist. We recently switched because other one retired. Long story short, part of the new patient exam is a Oral cancer screening done with a Velscope. Well....I have had problems with acid reflux and swallowing for the past year....sore throat and ear pain. Anyway...2 growths were found on back of my throat, one large and one small ...and a swollen lymph node. I can actually feel the growth overtime I swallow and have just become used to it. 


So have been sent to Dr. Old at Ohio State. Actually won't see him until next Wednesday. I have no idea if these growths are in fact malignant but am sure of the procedures headed my way to rule things out, because I worked in this very area years ago....when I was still a smoker.


I don't have a lot of time to be online as of recent because of watching the twins but I will stop by after next Wednesday and update or at least let someone know to let you all know how things turn out. I had a bad health scare last year and have a bad feeling this is related to it. This lump in my throat, I brought up last year to different Dr. and they never seemed concerned. Enough said there, long story.


I never knew the Velscope existed. My DDS told me its rather new and they have caught 2 patients with oral cancer since they have started using early stages. 


So now, I am feeling terribly guilty for not following through last year and for being a smoke because IF this is malignant...I did it to myself by smoking.


I will have 4 years of not smoking this September. I thought I was maybe safe .

People....please quit if you have not yet quit.

Ask your dentist about Velscope. It is normally free for the first time and $35.00 charge then once yearly.


This could very well be nothing at all...or it could be my smoking history catching up with me.


So if I am gone awhile, this is why and Easter weekend hectic cause everyones coming here. I'll drop in when I can and will continue running the Monday Train for now.