Crazy busy continues

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 24, 2018

I have few minutes, literally to type. Watching 3 and a half month old twins every weekday...and have our almost 2 yr. old grandson napping here now. Little time for self.


Just wanted to drop by and say hello. A couple more weeks of this and I hope to be back here on more regular basis.

I tried to reply to posts last week as the girls napped, but that didn't work,lol  Seems theres a reason gals don't have babies at my young age, hahaha. I turn 60 in June. Getting up at 5am and leaving at 6 and not getting home till 6-7pm is starting to tire me.

All in all though,its been wonderful bonding with them. The hour drove everyday down and back was a drag but now I have been listening to siris  xm and getting a healthy dose of some old billy graham during the drive which helps build my faith. I tell you, the highway is getting so busy and people drive crazy. I have a heavy duty Tahoe so I feel safe having more metal surround me, but I sure have seen some craziness out there....and most are talking on their cell phones or texted...not even looking at the road. You have to drive with caution thats for sure. 


Got me to thinking....I used to smoke and drive and throw them out the window. I recall pulling over fearing it had blown in the backseat and would catch fire. I sure am glad I don't do that anymore! Stupid. And when I see people smoking and their faces all scrunched up, just looks terrible. I may have a bad hear day now and again, but I don't have the scruchy look on my face anymore. Geese!


Noticed many new folks....Welcome to Ex and I hope to get interact with all of you soon. Meanwhile stay on track here and read a lot.  


I'll make sure the train is running yet on Monday. If your new...I hope you sign up and ride along. Jump on Loris Freedom train today and you will see where to get info to sign up! All Aboard !! Freedom Train - 03/24/2018 - 03/25/2018 


I have a load mailbox, so gonna go check it out. I will probably read more on here than reply, but your all in my heart and in my prayers. I miss everyone. Have a great SMOKEFREE weekend, see y'all Monday on the Train!


xoxoMissy  Today I have 1299 DAYS OF FREEDOM!!