Busy time

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 19, 2018

Just wanted to drop in quickly. I just started making the hour drive weekdays at 6am and not getting home till 

just before 6pm to help with the twins. My daughter in laws mom, who lives with them and helps them a lot, is recovering from her surgery and she cannot lift anything for next 5-6 week.  Its a lot of driving and I hate the highway part late in day. I just missed the 80 car pile up by 10 minutes last week on 71. But I want to help them and I get to bond with the girls


I wil still do freedom trains on Monday but they will be posted pretty early in morning ...other than that I get some time when babies are asleep to look on ex but not much time to respond for a few weeks. So don't go thinking Im leaving y'all....justa busy time and it will pass and I do enjoy those babies. I will be reading when I can and replying when I can.

So meanwhile, love ya all.

Hold tight your quit and newbies.......hang tuff and read read read. When you think you know it some more. In informed quit is a successful quit...and get prepared with all that knowledge and know how you will deal with your craves...have a plan of action, BEFORE you quit!


I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers every night. Please say one for me to have safe travels, if you would.


SOOO.....I will stop by when I can. My pillow is calling my name now, as is the darn clothes dryer.


Sweet dreams and N.O.P.E.