Beware of the Noun

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 13, 2018

3am in the morning and I have been feeding the twins and can't get back to sleep. So here I am. EX Community is also Figure I would add more reading material for the newcomers.



You learned about them in school. A noun is a person , place or thing...and it got me to is also a TRIGGER that tricks our minds into believing  we need to smoke.

Beware of the Noun early in your quit. 

Identify these Nouns. Who are they, where are they and what they are.


Heres a list of MY NOUNS early on in my quit.

*Friends that smoked

*Establishments that permitted smoking

*Events that permitted smoking



I avoided them as though they had the worst flu ever because I didn't want to 'catch it or be tempted to smoke'.


Your friends will understand. If they don't maybe you need to re-evaulate that friendship. Honestly I had few friends left who smoked and now the ones that did have all quit as well. Smoking alone was no fun and misery always loves company. Believe me when I say this...every single one of them wanted what we had ....the courage and determination to quit. I know I did when I was still puffing away like the fool I was. I don't do that anymore.


So...look at those Nouns. Make a list and take a break from them for awhile. When your well into your quit you can always partake in the nouns and you will be much stronger to face them. Then again...maybe some of them you will replace anyway. I did that too and am happier for it


Baby number 2 ready for bottle    


Sweet dreams~Missy