Countdown till Spring~AND~Protecting your quit!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 9, 2018

So we have 10 days I believe until Spring and as many know....I have been starting some things inside. While I know its real early before I can plant them...if ever, cause generally I wait until a week after Mothers Day to put most of my garden in....I love watching things grow...which got me to thinking....I love watching the new members grow here on EX as well, especially when they are doing the things suggested to help them quit and stay quit.


We have a beautiful variety of new members in here now 'growing'. I want to encourage them to PROTECT THEIR QUIT. They may want to know how so I thought I would share how I protected mine then and now.


I watered and fed it. I drank and still do, a lot of water a day. It is much better for my insides than the nasty smokes. It refreshes my energy, keeps me going so I can endure and do the things I need to do. While I do not feed it plant food, lol ...I feed myself EX food on a pretty much daily basis.


EX food diet is simple. Come here. Encourage others and share what works and what does not work for you. Some folks will take your advice and others will not...we all have our own recipe for success that feeds us a five star quit.


Stay active on Ex...Give and take. I know for myself anyway, that I am not the best person to teach myself how to quit and stay quit....If I was, I would not be here. I want to remain teachable. I want others ideas and suggestions on my blogs because thats how I grow. 


SO I am choosing to grow where I am planted. Thats here at EX.


One more thing- seeds take time to produce. They have to be watered and fed carefully. They need the right amount of daylight and moonlight. With the right amount of nourishment they will establish roots and grow. Even well rooted plants require care. I have seen good plants wither away to nothing due to lack of care and knowledge on how to be cared for....


~The Moral of my Blog today ~


Don't come to the garden empty handed...share your harvest and grow


Have a lovely weekend!