Baby its cold outside...and sometimes in here too

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 1, 2018

So tell me how you really feel....thats how some people want it.

Some of us ARE health care professionals...and yes, we are ALL addicts of Nicotine.

It may come a as surprise, but even professionals of ALL occupations can be an addict...of anything and still be an asset , a good example , because they are Recovered.


I dont do it anymore. Smoke.

I come here to stay motivated with my help others get what I have.

FREEDOM from Nicotine.


When I was a new member on this site I held those Elders in high regards.I still do.

No matter how many days of freedom I gain they will always be ahead of me.

That being a huge point.

My thinking was then....

They have walked through all the valleys I have yet to go into. They also hurt, dealt with hardships, pain, they had been there, done that. So they speak from their experience.


Even as a retired health professional, I have many friends who are also health professionals, that never smoked, that although they understand the dynamics of quitting smoking, they will tell you themselves...the best way to learn and understand the addiction is in fact from a successful EX addict. Those of us who practice in the health care field understand that. We were even taught that.


This site is a blessing. We have both. Dr. Hayes has given us much knowledge to help build and maintain our quits and we have this AWESOME community with so many gifted talented members of ALL walks and stations in life to learn from, lean on and build and maintain our own quits on.


I truly don't like when someone comes into the community , who is new at their quit or is not even quit yet, or at all even trying  ,to give their logic on how this all works. It can lead someone who is truly in need of some experienced advice in the wrong direction. 


Im not usually this outspoken but Im not going to dwell on this anymore. Take what you need and leave the rest....someone will always take the left thats what I am doing.


Meanwhile...I can't say enough for all the Beautiful Elders on this site. Without them, I would surely be puffing away in the garage....but's cold outside.


Perhaps those Elders are pretty good role models after all...This forum would not be here if we weren't.


I don't do that anymore AND THAT IS ALL I GOT TO SAY about this.