This has been a fabulous day!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 25, 2018

I know its sounds weird , but wow did I ever get a lot done today. Situated. We moved in the beginning of past October and things kinda got tossed anywhere because I got so busy with family. BUT felt so good to organize the mud room , laundry room and some of my studio which I THINK I have the day off from grandkids and will be able to get it done. I am falling behind for some spring orders, so I need to get the hammer down. PLUS I was able to get some seeds started today and some rooting things started. I used my SPRING BANNER because thats how I feel inside

AND...I got my hubby all to myself as we have both been in different directions since we moved in, so it seems. It felt good to be outside, the sun is now out and warmer temps finally on the way.


I am relieved I don't smoke anymore and I feel healthy and don't get that crappy bronchitis like I used too...and I SMOKED even then when I was sick is that???


EVERYONE on this site matters. I take in the good and leave behind the things that don't leave a good feeling in my heart....and move forward. I am 3 years and a half quit. I STILL have to watch my back, watch the 'Stinking Thinking', watch for emotions that can drive me crazy enough to think, 'well, maybe just one..." I know it is the addict in me but I am aware of it and always watchful.


I stay close to God and He gets a lot of my 'issues' turned over to Him daily. He does not mind one bit. Somedays are better than others and this happens to be one of them. I am very blessed and very grateful for you all and this site.

I am certain that if I was a smoker yet, my life would be a bag of nails...poking on me constantly and creating pain in areas I have healed and continue to heal.

I am happy to say today I am poke and smoke free