The Quitting

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 5, 2018

Sounds like a scary title for a new movie release… it is scary, if you don't know what to do, your unprepared or don't have the gut fear of whats going to happen if you don’t quit.


What to tell the new people coming here??? I cant lie, it was not easy. I failed many times. Many times I thought I had a good hold on it and then some unpronounced event would make me choose to smoke.


Who was I kidding? Does any of that sound familiar to you?



 I had bad days and better days…I even had moments of extreme happiness, but I also had days I was dog tired, days I was madder than a pitt bull on steroids and days I was sure I was loosing my freakin’ mind. One cigarette holds over 1000 different chemicals…Formaldehyde ~used to preserve dead animals in biology classes and dead people in morgues. Lovely huh? Yes..its is one of the Horrible chemicals in that cigarette your smoking or thinking about smoking. Pleasant thought, huh. Forget the pictures of the black lungs….thats also horrible, yes…but now you can recall the first biology class and that smell as you entered class and that beacon with the frog floating in it? Getting the picture? That picture helped make the decision for me EAISER to quit. But the truth is quitting is not easy and if it was , this site would not be needed. And what you need or I need to quit, in the advice arena could be two different things, but we do share one thing…we want to stop smoking and stay stopped for good. For that reason, you can take what you need and leave the rest. Someone will always take your leftovers.  I am just giving you MY thoughts.




Although I wanted to be among the elders here who had grande quits….I wanted what they had so bad, I wanted to finish a meal when out with friends and not feel compelled to need to excuse myself and go smoke…if only. Well welcome to the club. Most everyone here ( not all ) failed several times before we became successful. We learn from the failures if we are truly determined to quit and stay quit.




 I got complacent after a short time , usually within the end of the first month or couple of weeks, thinking…oh I had this…if I smoke JUST ONE, surely I would not be back to square one. Theres no such thing as one smoke a few weeks, months or whatever in. I am always watching my surroundings and back. Although I have no craves or desires to smoke I have been on the failure end n the past quits because I became complacent. I can't afford to do that and I NEVER want to go back to day one. One smoke leads to 2-3-4 and before you know it..your back to a pack a day. NEVER think you have it beat. Your a Nicotine addict. One smoke and the merry-go-round begins again.






 Laughable now as I look back. Normal people who have never smoked deal with life and unannounced events every singled day and don't smoke. But If I had dropped a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor…that was a reason to smoke. If I accidentally shrunk a good sweater in the drier…that was a good reason to smoke, if my husband looked at me cross-eyed…I was offended and that was a good reason to smoke. Nobody cared, so why should I…that was another good reason to smoke. Uh huh. Look~ life is going to happen no matter what we choose. DO NOT let an uncomfortable event or feeling ruin your quit.



Its okay to cry, Its okay to feel. It is how we were created. Maybe just go with the flow for a change.


Also, my ‘go to’ was Prayer first ~ Vicks Vapor Rub~ ( under nose was a crave buster for me) cleaning my house and I mean EVERY NOOK AND CORNER and mini tramp jumping and walking.

I see many Newbies recently, many struggling just as I have. Maybe someone will say hey, sounds sorta like me. Anyway…felt good to say it. Now…go clean something OR JUMP!


Missy~ 1252 Days of Freedom


Blog Often~Continue to learn about the Nicotine Addiction~ PREPARE your toolbox so your ready to deal with the challenges as they come and defeat them!