Have to be gone awhile

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 2, 2018

Friends from out of town are coming in within the next hour to stay with us so we can all travel up to Fremont in the morning to say goodbye to another friend 'Thomas Auxter' who passed last week. I will be back to get the Monday Morning Train on the tracks though.


Its hard to lose good friends but we know he is not suffering anymore and we will stay in touch with his lovely wife Cyndi. Tom was one of those fellows who you could always count on ...he was a strong shouldered man and a very goof friend of ours with a heart as big as they come.


I know theres many on this site having struggles of their own right now. I pray for you all evernight and always will. You all are my dear friends as well and will always have a special spot in my heart, as you have all touched it one way or good ways


So anyway, we are looking forward to seeing our other friends who will be arriving soon and Im sure the evening will spent recalling all the special memories we all shared with our beloved friend Tom.


See ya all Monday and remember...theres not one good reason to smoke...and if you do smoke....I want you to post what that good reason was on I can be sure to see it! Meanwhile, if you need to smoke and you think nothings going RIGHT....go LEFT.


Love to all~Missy