FEAR~Forget everything and run or Face everything and Rise!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 17, 2018

There has been a lot of FEAR going around here recently.

Its like a disease. I've had it. I know what its like to have this FEAR of quitting smoking.


Its certain to hold you back...

Its certain to whisper in your ear:


" No , not yet.....maybe in another week.....maybe never...your NEVER going to be able to quit...your a don't have enough strength to do this....You failed before so many times that your doomed, you can never be successful at this,..."


I have heard this song and dance before, so many times in MY own head that I actually believed it at times.


I finally made a choice. And truthfully...for me...thats when things turned around for me. I was going to war with this addiction and decided if I was to have any chance at all, I better smarten up and truly buckle down cause there was a war to fight and my life depended on it. My family....yes, I did it for me first, then them. Those grandkids deserve to be held by a Nana that does not stink..her clothes, hair~ her breath.


Like anyone going to war who expects to win...I prepared. I read a lot of blogs here. I studied the material that was suggested to read. I made a plan for what I would do when the enemy ( craves ) would attack. I fought back. Hard...very hard, but I saw each new day as a choice I had to make and looked ahead for the beautiful payoff.


I won.


It starts with a choice. Don't let FEAR take over. Don't run....Rise!


But always remain vigilant. An enemy attack can happen no matter where you are in your journey. 

You can do this and we are your to give you support help you win!