A little off topic....but.., need help...please...???

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 22, 2017

Actually not even close to topic, lol...2 things I need...


1. I need a recipe and hope SOMEONE will have for Christmas jello salad. Normally my Mother in law makes and brings it and its a family favorite, but she can't remember it or find her recipe. It has 3 layers, made in a 9x13. One green layer, one white layer...cream cheese...and a red layer...and does red later have cherries in it and if so, do you drain them first?


2. I am picking back up on knitting and wondered if we have any knitters here? I need the EASY instruction for basic washcloth. I think its starts with casting 3 on, but can't recall how far before you backtrack????


Have a blessed evening everyone. Am trying to get my menu together for Christmas. Wrapped Asparagus, Beef tenderloin, Baked sweet potatoes...jello salad, IF I can figure it out. HELP...PLEASE, its a family tradition but nobody has the recipe!!!!!