You did it know you did.....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 13, 2017

We all did, or something darn close...

We would not allow weather conditions-or get togethers or dinners-or yada, yada,yada....

stop us from having that cancer stick!


Its snowing like crazy here and it made me think that I would be outside smoking in it had I not quit back in 2014.

I would go out in to to smoke even when I had bronchitis! Stupid!

I remember after dinner at a restaurant feeling so shameful that I needed to excuse myself to outside to smoke and was ELATED if someone from the table joined me ( All the while secretly wishing I didn't smoke ).

I dont do that anymore!


Can I get an AMEN!


I love sitting in here looking out and knowing I do not have to go outside to smoke..... need a smoke nor do I want one. I love this freedom. I worked hard to get it. I NEVER in a million years thought this possible, when I quit. The program works if you work it!

Have a safe nice evening everyone!


Big type tonight cause am having some vision trouble, but no worries, all will be handled, nothing wrong, nothing serious, I am FINE....but makes it easier tonight to type tonight