Old Lesson worth using as you are quitting

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 9, 2017

When our sons were in High school, although they were both very involved in academics and sports....they both were tempted , as many kids are, to partake in activities that would have most likely gotten them kicked off of teams or even worse.....involved in illegal drug activity. 


A lesson they BOTH remember to this day and have said they will apply to their own kids when they are older is this.  BOTH of ours sons have told us that this lesson saved their skins many a time. Here’s the lesson:


We told them to THiNK THROUGH the action BEFORE you partake....

In detail......Is the immeadiate gratification going to last? 

Or.....will the end results cause you grief - pain- humiliation- sorrow, will it hurt you or someone else?

THINK it  all the way through. Then decide.


As a former smoker who had many unsuccessful quits before I smartened up, I can honestly say I did not heed my own advice back then. I went for the immeadiate gratification and gave up a strong quit to feel good, only to feel terrible right after. I threw away several days, weeks,  months of a good quit to feel great for a few seconds. Are you doing that too.?


Ya know, truth be told...

I have honestly never met a person who didn’t regret starting smoking again.

I have met many who wish they could quit.


Think through your next temptation before you light up.

The only way to get past this through it.