Home Sweet Home

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 6, 2017

As a lot of you know, we have had a hectic past year with building a new house. Now we have been in since October 6-7th and it is still taking time to get used to. I can honestly say this is Home Sweet Home now.


Ex is also a place I refer to as Home Sweet Home. So many people have become like family to be and I can't imagine any of you not being here. There are those I have know along time here and those whom I am getting to know. Sadly there are those who leave....some who come back, as I did....some whom we just keep a candle lit for them...praying they are well and hoping they will find their way back.


Meanwhile if your new here at Ex. Your a treasure. Your a progress in works as we all are. Years- months- weeks or days.....ALL of us have the one thing in common. We don't do that anymore ( smoke). We all come from different backgrounds/situations. What I can share may not help the person reading it...but it may help someone else...yadda yada, yada. You follow?


So wherever you are, wherever HOME SWEET HOME is for you, know that you have this family as well. Its one of the greatest gifts I got when I sombered up. You guys.....this site.


Take what you need....leave the rest. Someone will always take your leftovers I find.


Have a great day, your here....Your blessed