What Ex does for me

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 1, 2017

There are two kinds of Nicotine addicts, those who have quit and those who still smoke. Actually let’s say 3 kinds....for the addict who is off and on weaning their way to freedom....


You guys are terrific. No matter what anyone is going through...your ever faithful to be here. Through ups and downs and go arounds, through in and outs, comes and goes , happiness, sorrows, trouble and woes...your here. Your a safe place for me to count on. A safe place where I can come to express myself without judgement. A safe place I can come to if I even THINK a smoke will cross my mind. A place to learn about my addiction and how to apply the tools given to me to become a non-smoker...I will always be an addict.  But most of all....


A place where all of us have in common the addiction of nicotine. Weather you like it or not, I have choose all of you to be extended family. I have always felt that family that is ‘chosen’ is extra all of you are to me.


You have accepted me with and without my baggage ......I have had my trials during my quit but one thing that never left me was all of you.

Does not matter to me which type addict you are Your just like me. Your addicted to Nicotine. I don’t always say the right thing at the right time to the right people, and I am sure I have offended some on this site one time or another,  but I am a work in progress. My canvas has a lot of work that I suspect will always need worked on so long as I am on this earth. For ANYONE I have ever offended, believe me it was unknowingly and unintended.


 Life makes it tuff to be regular here ......sometimes.

I dunno, feeling kinda like this needed said tonight. Full moon pulling?...Maybe


Thanks to everyone who prayed for my Daughter in law and son and the twins. All are well and healthy.

We are all tired, so much excitement, but happy excitement.


 I know this is rambling now and probably to long. Truly though, every single person on this site is important to me, even the newbies. Just had these thoughts in my head and wanted to release them, even though words just flowing right tonight. I am very tired and need to sleep. So I’m off to bed as son as I read a few posts. Peace my friends and thank you EX. This site truly Is God Given as are all the members