If things aren’t going right....go left

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Nov 22, 2017

Greetings friends from a LONG break from Ex. Toooooo long. So EXcitd to finally be back . Due to the move, we had terrible internet. Anyway, you were all near and dear to my heart throughout my absence. HOWEVER ,

am back, still a non smoker, a greatful NON SMOKER who has missed her dear friends here at EX.


We moved in October 7th and it has been hectic. A lot of work moving from horse farm of over 30 years. Our Daughter in law is due to have the twin girls any day now, so more excitement coming.


Anyway, if things aren’t going right,...go left. Stop going around the same ole mountain. If your quit is repeating itself, change it up. Resolve to quit and determine the way to progress. Quit allowing the same ole same ole failures to control you. You are here,best place to start. Hugs and welcome. So......



wont chat to long now, but am planning now to be more regular again and looking forward to catching up with everyone and encouraging all the newbies. Meanwhile, everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow. I️ am so blessed to know you all and glad to be back in action here! Hugs all! -Missy