Smoke 1-2 or 3???

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 30, 2017

I was looking through my files on the computer today, deleting some things and came across this. Something I wrote awhile back but never shared, here  it goes....:


Death stood by waiting patiently

"Go ahead" it said, "smoke one -two or three..."

"Because if you choose me, I'll help you fall

And you'll beacon to me whenever I call".


"Inside your brain where the chemicals seep

I'll bond to your weakness and there I will keep...."

"All of your will power, yes I'll teach you to lack'I'll feed you more Nicotine

With the rest of the crap..."


"I will betray you and make you believe

You can't do anything without me ,that you need..."

This death had a name, the more I explored

In the form of a cigarette , I just wanted more.


Then came a day I threw in the towell

I reached out to EX and they showed me the HOW

I flipped and I flopped until I got it right

I fought through the tears, I put up a fight


I did ALL the homework and never looked back

The Ex'ers stayed by my side

For they had my back


Death is still here waiting patiently

" Go ahead..." it whispers," Smoke one-two or three".


I smile and walk on but deep down inside

I shudder and cringe as I  hear those old lies

Nothing, no Nothing will take my quit today

This freedoms too sweet to just throw away


My Ex friends have taught me to take what I need

And just leave the rest

This God given Program is simple the best


( Now as my Dad used to say 'Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it', lol

More packing to do, gotta run. Everyone have a great day!