Hello my friends!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 18, 2017

Im still here and still smoke free. My 3 year Anny is coming soon!!!!


Its funny I jump in here and see a post from Sootie tonight regarding how Life happens no matter what. Sure is for me. I have not had much time for my computer. We just moved my Mother in law into asst. living., and I am taking care of my Mom and a sick horse....trying to pack our own house of nearly 30 years to prep for the move in end of September....we hope. I tore my achilles tendon and wear this stupid boot at night, but its really helping....LIFE


Smoking won't help my mother in law or my Mom, ....or the horse, or the new house, or the packing, the grandkids,the won't help any of that one bit.

However it would:

Ruin my beautiful quit and place me back to day one and have to re-live hell week and NML


Not worth it.


Yes, I have been busy, it happens to us all at different times in our lives, but I know things will eventually settle down. I will have more time to devote here helping others as I was helped. I absolutely intend too once this moving business is done. We also recently laid to rest a dear dear friend....


Hectic, yes....busy , yes....but Your ALL in my thoughts and prayers often. I look forward to having my morning cup of Joe with you all soon and get back here more often on daily basis.


Meanwhile, just saying I miss you all. I have not left the community, I will be back strong soon.




Life will happen and smoking is not an option for me. Love you all!~Missy