So you wanna smoke and ya wanna quit at the same time...l.

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 1, 2017

Your no surprise to us, we all did.


Of course you can choose to smoke today. You can always quit again tomorrow, or next week or next month or next year. Go ahead. Smoke.


Deep inside though. You don't wanna. You want to be like those other people who can stay seated through dinner and not run out in the crazy weather just for a Nicotine high. You are tired of the stink on your hair and your body. It's embarrassing. Your loved ones have told you they worry about you., your health. You sweet children or grandbabies get a stinky wiff of you whenever you hug them. 


This was me me that I describe above. Was it you? Is it you? get the freedom side of being a non smoker will take some dedication on your part. Just like any other thing you dearly want to achieve in your lifetime, you will have to go through to get the breakthrough. Truthfully, I had many failed attempts. Many excuses as to why I deserved to smoke. Really? How stupid does tha sound. I deserved to smoke.


Dont put off this anymore. You are on this site for a reason. You are worth the extra effort it takes to end this Merry go round of quitting. Don't be he fool I was. I waited for a miracle and it only happened when I began the footwork to do whatever it took to implement what we all talk about in here everyday, to have a successful quit. Knowledge is power, denial is pitiful.


Dont be Pitiful, be powerful.

The breakthrough came for me when the knowledge made it into my thick stubborn skull. This site is your school.

if you wanna graduate to have a first year gotta do your homework...then you can pass


So like I said, you can smoke now or you can quit putting yourself through hell week after hell week and get busy getting busy.  It's your choice. Always has been and always will be. Excuses to smoke??? Not one.


Not one Puff Ever N.O.P.E.