House Update

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 1, 2017

So things are still hectic. We have been packing and making arrangements for hubby's Mother to go into Assisted Living, packing our own house of over 30 years....getting rid of things we don't want, Helping my Mom who's having health issues and currantly wearing this stupid boot on my right foot every night since I messed up my Achilles Tendon.


Hubby and I found out today that they textured all the ceilings today that were supposed to be flat, so now they have to re do them. Have no idea what's involved but am sure we are in for a delay. Painters had planned to start this Friday or early Monday. Hopefully they still can.


heres a pic of the brick in back , hickory and my paint swatch that I finally did and turned in today. I painted a bunch of poster boards to get the colors right. Hubby's happy, so I am happy. Next is horse barn...I truly am dreading going through that. I may just leave a lot of it here. Have a wonderful week everyone. Once all this busy stuff settles I will get here more often