Checking in, I miss all of you....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 28, 2017

I am so sorry I have not checked in sooner. I think of you all often.

This building a house thing has just sucked the air out of me. Between that and taking care of both of our elderly Mothers...Dr. appts., grandchildren...well, I just drop at night. Not even watching TV which I suppose is not really that missed anyway.

Now I am dealing with selecting paint colors for a house with Hickory floors. I never thought it would be so hard, with my Art background and all , but I tell's really hard!  I need a vacation! I actually had a crave today...a rather strong came when I realized I left my Mothers house and forgot to bring my important papers with me that I set on her table. I was so exhausted and had to turn around and drive back another 20 minutes to go get them and another twenty home. I just wanted to cry....and smoke!!! I had not had that thought in a couple years, wow! 

I breathed through it though. Thought of all of you. I knew I would not cave in, but I also realized how much I still need to stay vigilant and active here. I truly Thank God for this site and ALL of you. I will have 3 years Sept.2nd!!!


So anyway, just popping in and will try to not stay away so long. From now on until we move, I will probably not get to be here as much, but I will be back to help offer support once we are situated.

to all the newbies, remember HALT ( hungry angry lonely tired ). I did today and greatfully I still have my quit intact.