Into the Storm

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 26, 2017

We never plan to go there....but it happens.


This was my view out of the car window this evening as I drove home from our sons house. The closer I got to home the worse the sky was looking. I did make it home though safe and sound.


Storms pop in and out of our life all the time...not all weather related but still...they find a crack, a weak point to come into our life to wreak havoc.

i used to believe that smoking made those kinds of storms more manageable. Of was not true. While I did get an ' instant gratification ' of relief....the storm was still ever present when I put the smoke out.


As you began your quit journey be ever so mindful of those storms. Realize and accept they will come, smoking or not. Imagine some storms you have already weathered and how you can place yourself differently when the next storms comes upon you is not IF the next storm comes......



Be safe ,mindful and take shelter as soon as you begin to feel the storm rage.

The storm, as all storms do.....will eventually pass, and so will that crave.

Take care of you.