Adding the electric to your house

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 22, 2017

Getting to the point now in our build where things are getting wired. Never realized how much work was involved to get to this point. Had to walk through each room with our builder and decide where to put switches, lighting, outlets, yada yada yada....and I am burnt out....thats just the tip of the iceberg of all going on.


In a quit there also comes a time where you will add electric so to speak. its a time when you are getting all your wires in place so that when switches get flipped, you are prepared to illuminate and not flicker or waiver. Your solid. You know why your quitting and your not allowing anything to short circuit your decision...there will be no flickering for you. It does not matter what others say, your mind is made up and no wires are crossed. 


Okay, so not my best analogy ,lol....I am whipped. But thought I would stop by and say hello. Between the house and grandkids and relentless weeding in the gardens, I am lucky to even watch the evening news. I will stop by when I can but I expect from now on , this is just going to be a hectic summer....BUT.....


I am wired with my quit. Nothings gonna short circuit that. I worked to hard to get this far.....3 years in September! So to those of you who are new here,Welcome! This is a fine place to be.