Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 16, 2017

Idiot! I was in center lane minding my own business, headed home from my son and daughter in laws after babysitting all day. They live an hour away. This jerk drives up behind me and basically is drafting me and slingshots around me forcing me to the Lane to my right, Greatfully Nobody was in it at the time. This idiot also forced the guy to my left over to the brim and drove right beteeen us! Was only by the Grace of God there was no accident, threre were three lanes. He drove right between us on the line!


so whats this gotta do with quitting smoking you ask? One word.




We have all dealt at one time or another with it. That moment you want a smoke so bad you will dig out a nasty butt out of the trash ( if that's your only option) so you can get that one hit to relax you, only to find out there no butts dry enough to smoke cause you doused them in water...or smashed them to much to smoke them, but you will try anyway.


Thats one example. So how do you handle the rage? For me I looked at it as it was the enemy. It was pushing all my buttons just waiting for me to cave as I had so many times. It was a thief.  When i began to recognize the 'thief', my gloves went on. It was time to protect my quit. The addict wanted fed.....but not on my watch!


So about two. Maybe three miles down the highway today, guess who I see pulled over to the side of the road with a State Hwy.Patroller flashing his lights. Yup...the idiot. He got what was coming for his Rage. He didn't  prepare to well nor did he fix his need for speed.It fixed him! No I suspect he's even more raged at that point..... will you be if you give into the rage and lose your quit. The consequences of rage USUALLY don't turn out well. Today could have been tragic. Someone could have died. Same with rage from quitting smoking. It's normal and bound to happen, so be prepared. Don't let rage steal your quit.


Your worth more than the rage...put it in its place and walk away unscathed ..

quit intact.