These Storms can come out of nowhere at anytime no matter how long you have been quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 13, 2017

So true. And he we are....starting to button up the roof on our new house and rain is moving in! UGH!


Kinda like our quits, huh? We can be so prepared...our tool box full and actually even using the tools in it...all is finally going smoothly for us then BAM!!! A strong crave hits and it came out of no where.


Theres little we can do prevent the storms but there plenty we can do to protect our quit. Pray to your higher power, would be my first suggestion.

MOVE would be my next. Craves really don't last long...they just need a immediate distraction. Do jumping jacks, if your able. Play music, dance drum your fingers to the beat. Get busy blogging on this site. DO SOMETHING  but don't smoke!


Theres also little we can do about our roof. Fact is, its gonna get wet. But we will do what we have to do to ( or rather our builder will) to make it all right again and get back on track....immediately. No waiting around or it could do more damage.


This goes for those of you who have relapsed....I recommend you not romance your quit date. It just gives your brain more excuses to put off your quit. If your tool box is full, get back on the quit immediately! No dilly dallying! Why feed your body more poison? The more poison you feed it the more time it will take to reverse the damage....if at all.


Houses are built everyday in all kinds of weather. So are all kinds of storms....Make your quit your last and your best. Prepare well so that when the storm comes you can charge past it. If you relapse....jump right back on the saddle ( oh did I mention we have a horse farm, so jumping back in the saddle is a must for this business) This applies to failed quit as well. The longer we let a horse sour the harder it is to break. I think you get now. 

Best to you all, have a great smoke free day!

Missy- 1015 DOF