Fender Bender

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 7, 2017

So yesterday, I'm behind this little green Kia at a stop sign. She starts to pull out onto the road and begins to turn right....I'm behind her and she suddenly hits here brakes....yep I hit her! The thing I notice first is the cigarette between her lips as I mouth to her " I'm so sorry", as she's glancing at me in her side mirror.


I first call 911 then I get out and approach her to make sure she's ok. We are both fine. It was my fault I told her cause I should have not gotten so close. She reeks of she gets out of her smoke filled car.


Aside from a constant headache, and no....I did not It hit my head...I am fine and I am glad I don't stink like that anymore.

She was really nice, I was really stressed, but never wanted to smoke over it. Thank goodness. I had a carload of food to take to construction site, but it all worked out.


Found out today our sons wife that's having twins, is having girls!!! So excited! Due aroun Xmas. Said she will be induced a couple weeks into December. What a beautiful gift!


Busy week , Dr. Apps, grandkids, house build with more meetings. Our Big Mastiff showing some classic aging signs has me a bit worried....other than that, we are well. Would be nice for temps to warm up and get more sun tough.


I really love I don't have the slightest desire to smoke anymore...but my guard is always up....I remain vigilant.


Goodnight dear friends