Freedom isn't Free

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 6, 2017

You have heard it before....mostly I have always applied this thought to our Great Country and the men and woman whom serve it~Guard it-Protect it. Its comes with a cost. A risk of their health and sometimes unfortunately... their very life. So I would agree . Freedom isn't free.


As I meditated this morning it occurred to me that this phrase 'Freedom isn't Free' also applies directly to quitting smoking. To get to the other side we have to do our share of fighting for that freedom. We also have to guard it and Protect it. It SERVES us well to do so.


This particular freedom also comes with a price. More of a discount I should say. I will let you name your own advantages of the discount you get from quitting name a few : improved health, less stink, cleaner hair-fingers-house-car....and for me anyway, it has been a growing experience learning more about me. I decided I CAN make a decision without a cigarette to my mouth or nicotine flowing through my veins.


Freedom isn't free when it comes to quitting smoking. You have to go through to get the breakthrough, as we all have...but I tell you the is so worth it. I love this Freedom.


Have a beautiful smoke free day~Missy