Stink Bugs!!!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 17, 2017

Okay, so I couldn't resist writing ANOTHER blog. I just sat down to look over this site.... after running all over kingdom come to get quotes for the metal roof for new house and this loud buzzing noise that we have grown all too familiar with here recently, flew past my screen.


We have NEVER had these little monsters before yet we have them in abundance  now. NOTHING gets rid of them. Our windows, door everything is sealed. It is especially annoying late at night if I decide to turn on the iPad in bed to read . Light attacks these little beasts and they come to join you to read as well.


I BEG YOU...does anyone have a solution to get rid of these things??? Even the pest control company has nothing to get them under control. I may need to revert to hanging an ugly yellow fly tape with a lightbulb near by tacky.


AND...if you squish them they stink....the stink actually attracts more of them!


Stupid bugs!