Primer...You need it to succeed with your Quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 16, 2017

...Or rather it is highly suggested to succeed with your quit.


To get paint to stick to most given surfaces, your sure to get better results buy pre-treating the surface with a primer.


Some primers are better than others. They have better coverage...they have a longer guarantee to last through water, ( storms).


This came to mind today as I am refinishing an old buffet unit. I have a certain effect in mind. I'm painting and using some industrial type hardware on it for ***** and such. Kinda fun project but made me think. I primed the entire unit first. I even had the primer tinted black to be sure it covers well. I didn't start out with my quit very well primed in the beginning, thats for sure.


I didn't do all the suggested reading...or even prep my house by ridding it of all the extra outdoor ashtrays ( I smoked outside). I didn't change my friends temporarily, as I knew I needed to because they still smoked......


As a result, just like a poor paint job thats not prepped correctly, I peeled, so to speak. I flopped around like a fish out of water several times before I finally decided I better do something about it.


I primed myself.


That was 987 days ago.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.


Don't allow yourself to 'peel' ...Get primed. Your worth it and besides that, its a heck of a lot easier than restarting your quit over and over again. Being properly 'primed' will help you endure the storms that are sure to come early in your quit. You will weather them much easier than you would without the primer.


On another undergoing another full workup with my health problem and things looking much better already.

Had to laugh, the pulmonary doc wanted to know who gave me the Arnuity Inhaler..."You did", I told him...( that was yesterday ). I told him he has since been replaced., I would not be back...that if it quacks like a duck...its a duck. He got the point.


Have a beautiful smokeless day. I have a buffet to finish up