So please feel free to have a bad day, we all have your back...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 12, 2017

Yes, it gets the best of us some days. It can come from out of nowhere and slam you so hard you literally can't breath. Your mind gets frozen in time.  This is especially true the first few months of your quit. That's why it is essential to stay in touch in here, with us, with your reading material and stay active in your blogs.


Bad days , as you are aware, will strike any and all of us. We don't get a golden pass just because we have quit smoking that says  ' Congrats, now that you don't smoke anymore, your never going to have a bad day'. The difference now is how you choose to handle it. Learning to ' get through without smoking'.


As smokers we reached for our lighters and pacson bad days. Every little thing that went wrong was deserving of a 'Smoke'. Wow, the control it had on our minds still amazes me. And even more that I allowed it to go on for so long.


i got some bad news recently that at one time I surely would have smoked over. I had a bad day. I came here and instantly all my Ex friends were there for me. Encourageing me, holding me up when I truly had no words. They allowed me to have that bad day, they allowed me to open up to them and to 'feel'. 


Im moving forward though. I have a lot of important decisions to make and I will. What I mean to say will too.


so please feel free to have a bad day....we have your back. Your normal and your no surprise to us. We have all had bad days, some worse than others. We can help you through if you want our support. Your ALLOWED to have a bad day. We get it. Maybe just a grumpy day, we don't care. We still have your back.


And thank you ALL for having mine. 


Now go be blessed and have a GOOD smoke free day!


Oh..... I changed my aviator , that's my grandson learning on one of my Mandolins.