The Choice, Newbies.........

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 7, 2017

.........Is always yours.

Smoking today is a choice. You decide you will or you won't.

You prepare for this preferably ahead of time, but even of you don't.....

its your choice.

Quitting is never easy....not usually anyway.

It takes commitment, effort,patience,humility, resolve,awareness,courage,honesty....and so much more.....

You never have to be alone, unless you choose to.


This site has so much to offer. so many wonderful people just waiting to help lead you through the ruff patch your in right now.


its your choice. It's always has been and always will be.

if you have already quit and you think you want to choose to smoke again because the crave is beating you over the head...think on this...

If you give into the crave you will be right back where you used to be....wishing you were where you are now.


Its a maddening addiction. We have been there. We know. We also suffered through our quits. At Ex, we are here to tell you quitting Is doable and to get a breakthrough you will have to go through BUT you don't have to go it alone. 


Blog often, read a lot on this site.

its always your choice, but we would sure like to help you choose wisely.


ok, that is my input for the weekend. We have our 10 month grandson here. Everyone enjoy your weekend, stay safe, don't smoke and I will be back in couple days.