The Need to Feed the Addiction

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 29, 2017

We all have them. They appear at the beginning of our quits...and can pop up off and on no matter how far in your quit you are.


The thing is they really have nothing, YET THEY HAVE EVERYTHING  to do with your addiction.


When I smoked I ALWAYS had a smoke if there was something uncomfortable or bad going on in my life or around me. Funny thing is, it never solved any of those things. I fooled myself into believing that the smoke would pacify and help me to think clearer, settle me down, relax....whatever. I know now that that just my brain being told to feed the addiction. Once I fed it, I was ok for a short while and then it called to me as it needed to be fed again.

And as that crazy scenario continued it changed nothing in my environment. If I was having a good day or a bad day, didn't matter....the monster needed to be fed.


This was some thing very for my quit to be successful, recognizing the monsters ( Nicotine)  need to feed.


Be smoked to feel: good, relaxed, to help you make decisions, to settle you down, to pick you up, to fit in, to enjoy your cocktail more, to reward yourself after doing something, to FEEL...PERIOD.




Now as a non smoker, the environment surrounding us is still as it was. All the reasons you smoked, STILL happen, but now you have to FEEL those experiences without the aide of the drug Nicotine. WOW...Now you get to really FEEL LIFE. 


And Life is hard sometimes. People who have never smoked will tell you that much.


LIFE is also full of an abundance of JOY and HAPPINESS. As a non smoker I enjoy those moments so much more.


So if your having a bad day early in your quit. Look ahead at all the gains you will be making. Your gonna actually FEEL something for REAL now. Thats good and bad days, but they are yours to feel now, not the nicotines. As a non smoker you will also gain more from the bad days because now you recognize how much the smokes controlled you, your feelings. You will be able to step back and look at the situation more clearly and focus on it rather than the need to feed.

RECOGNIZE  when your having a bad crave that it is NEEDING TO BE FED. 


IF you feed are back to square one.

IF you do not feed are that much closer to being done with the insanity of this addiction.


Those are your choices~choose wisely