My Story

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain Champion on Mar 24, 2017

So anyway, this is a short version of my story. I have no idea how long this will take to tap, but am feeling compelled to share . If it helps one person with their quit, then its a good thing.


I was born June 19th 1958. My Father decided I was not his so therefore nor present at my birth. Three Fathers later.....the same. Jump ahead to 1976. Graduated HS. left for Nursing school  due to being pressured to do so. My Mom was a nurse.  I hated it. I had full ride scholarship for Pittsburg Art, but had to turn it down.. 4 yrs later, left OSU on my own choice, BEGAN SMOKING be a clerk at Lazarus in Columbus Ohio. ...6 months short of nursing graduation I might add....also doing homeware for an elderly dementia patient full time. I really don't know how I managed, but by the grace of God, whom I knew but didn't know, if you follow.


Forward to 1980. Met husband and married in 1980. Was working at hospital as an aide , then worked for n oral surgeon for ten plus years as Oral surgeon asst,. Meanwhile began a Mural business that was successful for many patrolled and trained people and horses and showed...along time.


1995- Gave my heart to the Lord, best thing I ever did, still have much to learn and always hope to be forgiven for things I say or do that hurt others, because I am still in the works of getting better


2008 started her on EX. Lurking, deciding how I would go about quitting


Forward to 2005. Balance was horrible, falling a lot. Severe eye pain took me to Dr. which ended up in diagnosis of 2007 Multiple Sclerosis . This active woman was coming to abrupt halt.


2014- Quit smoking cold turkey. ALL of you helped me recognize it was time and well over due. Thank you.


I can't recall the date but , I left this site for awhile because everyone was fighting and it hurt to see it everyday.

NOW, I feel like its strarting all over again. There are 2 people on here I may have offended and I hope they will accept my apology. This post is mostly for you. You know who you are. My tuff love advise that was given to me, I shared about 'slipping', really helped me and I am sorry it didn't help you, but 'slipping', I was told, is associated with ice and banana peels. Smoking is a choice. I still believe that.


I cannot say anything except I truly do care for everyone here. I am putting my heart out on a sleeve to let you know I care...for everyone. I truly am sorry if my words don't always come out he best. I use the same words that helped me to stay quit. It worked for me and I am ever so grateful I took and used them. Surely I know it could be different for you., but I can only share what I know...what helped me.. we all different. 


iF ANYTHING I have have learned this.   I will never assume you are me. You have your own challenges to go through and your own means of getting through your quit, I just hope you can understand better where I come from and WHY I had to go through my quit as I did, and what worked for me.


Because of my background, I am not as secure a person as I wish to be, but I do grow stronger each day,even at my age, 58. I have a fabulous husband of 37 years , two awesome sons , 3 grandkids, I am truly blessed and grateful; and

I will NEVER give up not those in here tying to quit or judge them.


I don't know why, but I felt compelled to share this. I really do care about ALL OF YOU