Good Days vs Bad Days

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 22, 2017

Bad days were often my excuse to light up when I was failing my 'quits ' a couple years ago. If you just looked at me wrong, I would take that as an excuse to smoke. Funny how much the nicotine does to our brain cells to create this very unfortunate feeling deep inside that tells us to smoke.


On good days, which there were many more than bad...once  I buckled down and did the reading and used the tools given to me to help me through the bad days.....Good days were much more common.


You have to prepare ahead. You have to expect the uncomfortable moments, days, things in your life and people  to disappoint you from time to time.


Today I celebrate 932 DOF. Its also our wedding Anniversary of 37 years. This is a good day. I am imagining however, in a few hours from now, we will be putting to rest a very special friend of that we both were riding instructors  together for many years as well as ski patrollers. Although her suffering has ended now and I know she's in a better place, she was only 54. There was a time I would smoke over this. In fact I have been having smoking dreams, as of late. A good day turning bad if I allow it.


The difference is my choice. I recognize that smoking certainly will not bring her back. I recognize how sneaky old habits can creep backing my life so I have my quit in place and well protected from returning back to smoking.


My advice to you if your a new quitter.... ALWAYS watch your back. Be prepared because no matter how many days or years of Freedom you may takes only one puff to land you right back to the misery of quitting.

While I do not have any 'craves' ...the thought of it came over me strongly yesterday at Calling hours. Because of this people, the thought dissipated as quickly as it came on. I have not had that thought for over 2 years. Scared me to think it would even be in my brain yet.


Just one puff and I will right back to where I was 931 days ago...wishing I was where I am today..... Celebrating 932 DOF.