Anger Management

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 19, 2017

I suspect we have all been there, especially when we were fresh in our quits.




So what's going on? 


From mu prespective , more than I can handle, thus the anger. 

When I was still smoking,  anger and a smoke went hand and did many many things, emotions, you name it, any flux of emotions required a smoke for me.


As a non-smoker I  deal differently with all of it. I learned, the smokes NEVER simplified or changed anything for those uncomfortable moments. They may have sedated the moment...but the problem was still there.

NOW I see the moment for what it is and deal with it appropriately .


Nicotine is a vicious drug. It screws your mind into believing it's lies. Please please please learn about this, read about this, understand this. I so promise you ...that once you do, will beat the addition because it will truly anger you to see what the drug Nicotine has on will truly make your QUIT so much more desirable.  Educating yourself on this addiction is SO KEY.


PLease read as many articles as you possibly can to inforce how Nicotine  effects your brain. Please blog OFTEN. Please ask for help 24/7 here as needed.


We care, we have your back.