Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 10, 2017

Some people say it's not how you start but how you finish that counts. In regards to life in general I would agree. But this quitting smoking business is a different type of Monster that needs to be dealt with totally differently.


Being totally aware of the Nictine Monster 'Nicotine' and having a plan in place is paramount to have an easier transition to becoming an in smoker.  How much effort you take to do this FIRST and daily will determine your ability to anticipate the Monster as he will raise his ugly head and tell you that ' just one more time' story if his.

don't  buy the lies .


 Anticipate the lies when they come, destroy and fight the Monster with plans of action. What will you do when your under attack?


Freedom from this Monster is a battle, but an armored body that's strong and determined and anticipates the enemy's next move , wins wars.


This is war. The good news is the powers to win it are all in your hands if you choose to go to combat with that Nicotine Monster .....fully prepared.


You can do it! Prepare for battle and anticipate the enemy's move before they come. Be ready.....BEFORE you quit.