Best recipe for a successful quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 8, 2017

This is MY best recipe for quitting smoking for good


In order:


1. Understand the addition of Nicotine

2. Educate yourself on WHY Nicotine holds on to you so tight

3. Have a plan of action in place for when the craves hit you, which includes visiting this site as often as you can

4. Post on this site whenever you are overwhelmed

5. Throw away all smoking material, ashtrays etc.

6. Quit

7. Begin a smoking journal, use it to relate feelings throughout the day and what works and what does not to help you. Or just anything really. 

8. Sounds dumb, but worked for me....wear colors that you love that refresh you and make you smile. 

9. When your really having a bad moment- reach out to this site and help someone else. 

10. Always remember, we are here for you EX. You never have to be alone 24/7, you may not get an immediate response but eventually someone will be by to help you....encourage you.


After three days the Nicotine is out of your system. The tuff really kicks in, but how tuff it is relies on how well prepared you are, thus....start with number one above. This is what worked for me so I am compelled to share it.


Finally, I never met or talked to a person who was glad they kept on smoking........

But I met and talked to plenty of people who are so grateful blessed because they did.


Good luck on your journey to freedom. N.O.P.E.