Pros of being a non-smoker

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 25, 2017

1. I am not as sick as often

2. My hair and my clothes do not stink

3. My vehicle maintains its newness smell

4. I am not freaking out that a cig went flying into the backseat of my car when I tossed it out the window

( cause I don't do that anymore)

5. My 3 grand babies don't see me smoke or are ever around it. period

6. My breath is not nasty anymore

7. I don't have to leave dinner table or party to go outside and smoke

8.I have save SO MUCH MONEY

9. I treated myself to a new Mandolin after I passed  year two in my quit

10. I feel better all shape and fit 

11. I lost a few smoking friends but gained even better non smoking friends 

12. I have better sense of taste and smell

13. My heart attack/cancer risk has declined....alot.

14. I continue to put money I would have spent into a QUIT JAR and treat myself at the end of each year. Its fun to watch the money grow. 

15. I have amazing friends on this site

16. I am finally free and grateful as can be....but ALWAYS....have my guard up! Cant afford not too!!!


I am sure theres more I could add. But I need to go get some things done. What are the pros YOU have as a non smoker???


Have a great day!