Me time

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 18, 2017

With all three grandkids here this weekend, me time is now at almost midnight. Hahaha


Me time used to AlWAYS consist of a ciggarette in hand. Seems like I would do one chore and light one up before doing another chore. I could not do anything without a smoke. Make a decision, drive any distance, have a glass of wine, relax by the get my drift. Heck about the only place I didn't smoke was in the house or in the horse barns for fear of fire. Never mind my own lungs were getting sicker and sicker with each and every puff.


I thought it was all about METIME when I smoked. What a fool I was. When all long it was.nothing but a lie I allowed the Smokes , to feed into my very thick skull.


Now ME TIME actually is just that. I am in control now. I don't have to run away from dinner guest to go out and smoke....even on frigid days....I would go stand and freeze just to get a nicotine fix. Ha! Some real quality ME TIME that was....NOT!!!

I so enjoy my family even more now...these babes never have to see me smoke or smell the stink on me. I don't have to run off and smoke between every little thing I do. 


Wow those smokes really did a number on me. It's nice to not depend on them anymore. 


ME TIME has taken on a new meaning for me and I am  SO God , my wonderful hubby of almost 37 years for his support, my family here at home and all of you here at EX. I am more blessed than I ever thought could be possible. I do NOT smoke....Life is good and is just getting better everyday. Bad days never outshine the good ones.

All bad days are, are reminders that..This too shall pass and a good days on its way.#

blessings to you all!