Going around the same ole mountain

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 31, 2017

So how many times did I do that when I smoked. More than I can count. I finally resigned because I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Truth....I never once EVER woke up saying " I'm so happy I am a smoker".

i also never imagined I would ever feel truly free of this addiction.


I am not stupid though,I know if I take just one puff , it would not be long before I would be right back here I started. You know I am right.

My best advice? Really educate yourself HOW Nicotine does a number on your brain. It will

astonish you and you will begin to see the deceit of the Nico Demon, how he lies to you.


Quit going around the same ole mountain. I quit cold turkey, good for use whatever aide you want, but unless you understand the addictions grasp on may be seeing the same mountainsides over and over again.


We all deserve to see so much more!