Take your time

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 27, 2017

This site has changed a lot and although I am still learning how to navigate it, I know I eventually will 'get it'.

Take your time, Be patient, good will come of it. 

For Newbies, if your having a difficult time go to the HOME page top left of the page , and just read through all posts on the right. It will help get you through your difficult time until you have more patience and time to learn this new format.

Change is something I never had much liking for when I was a smoker. Now as a non-smoker, I have learned how to do a lot of things with patience . I certainly don't need to smoke over it like I used to. Seems like I had to smoke for every uncomfortable thing that ever used to happen to me in my life. Learning to navigate all the ups and down in my life was difficult at first without smoking, but I managed. One day a a time.


take your time, take a deep breath . Change can be as good or bad  as YOU make it. Your in control now...not the cig. Don't worry, be happy     


Have a wonderful smokefree day!