54 DOF

Blog Post created by Mamacleveland on Aug 29, 2018

...and I want a cigarette BAD!!  Struggling with life all the way around. Not sure what I think having a cigarette would do to help that tho. I think this “craving” has to do with this...I still battle the urge for a cigarette daily. It’s not a strong urge by any means...but an urge nonetheless. So I’m still using some of my daily energy to fight off those nasty nicotine sticks. Frustratingly stupid at this point I think to myself. Tired of the daily battle. Leave me alone already!!! ugh 


I have 3 teenage daughters...need I say more?  I’m turning 50 in 22 days and every part of my body suddenly aches...shall I continue? Haha! The cherry on top...I went with my sister to the vet to have her sweet Sofe put to sleep. Sofe was a 14 yr old beautiful boxer who joined our family when she was 6 weeks old. My heart aches. Isn’t my pity party fun?!? Anywhoo...


Moral of my little post here this morning....since I took a few minutes for myself and sat down and wrote this blog that stupid insignificant urge to smoke is gone. Poof!  And that’s how this wonderful community works. So thankful for this website, so thankful for every community member, so thankful for this journey.


Ready to take on this day! Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and enjoys being a non smoker. Life truly is better! Peace