Day 4...counting down the minutes until bedtime

Blog Post created by Mamacleveland on Jul 9, 2018

Hi all you courageous peeps!!  I missed my Day 3 blog.  I was tired.  Super tired.  Unexplainably tired.  Assuming it might have something to do with the quit??  I don't know.  Day 4 has been better but still very tired.  Ready to go home and go to bed.  No cigarettes still.  Yay!!  Not too many cravings either.  Yay!! Yay!!  These patches seem to be working for this part.  I'm so so thankful!!  

Had some stress inducing situations over the weekend but I managed through calmly.  I don't think I have ever been this calm in my entire life! Its confusing me! Haha!  Taking things as they come.  Loving life as a non smoker.

Gonna put this day to bed I think.  Excited to wake up tomorrow, refreshed and ready to conquer my Day 5!!  Thank you all for the amazing, unconditional, loving support! This community is beautiful!

Until tomorrow....

Jodi 3 Days of Glorious Freedom!!