Day 1

Blog Post created by Mamacleveland on Jul 6, 2018

Excited and scared!  Had my plan in place for this morning and of course not much went the way it was supposed to. Put my first patch on...check!  Fed the cats and my sister's dog Sofe....check!  Patch starts to itch like crazy!!! (not gonna panic)  Sofe starts taking pieces of her food and dropping them all over the kitchen floor.  Haha! No problem...I got this.  Now the patch starts coming off. Ugh!!! (still not going to panic).  Taped all the edges down with bandaids. Perfect! Made about a zillion laps through my house because I kept forgetting what I was doing.  Reminds me of pregnancy brain. Haha! Yikes!  No problem!  You know why?  I have my support system in place and reached out to them.  All responded   I love my peeps! 


And now my first blog!  I'm going to do this because SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION.